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In the last 2 years ( '15 &'16) we have almost 100k ( yes one hundred thouand) people attend our karaoke shows in the Milwaukee area, That means bars have grossed about 2 MILLION dollars on our shows, would you like a peice of that pie?
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In addition to the money we spend every week on every show, we are unique inthe market place because we analyze a clients marketing and advertising and then design and help impliment a plan so that they work TOGETHER for the best results.

About The Company?

Though founded as a DJ services comany in 1994 our owner's first love is karaoke (he hosted his first show in 1990)He has written books on the subject and has been a featured speaker at the largest mobile entertainer convention in the world. He is considered a leader and innovator in the field. In addition to standard karaoke we also are a pioneer in the competive team karaoke field as well.
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