DJing weddings is what Spinn Doctors was founded on, back in 1994, since then we have done almost 5000 of them. We have always prided ourselves on customizing each event to really reflect the happy couple. But, of the 20+ years that we have been doing them the last few have been by far the most fun, thanks to Pinterest, YouTube, and all the great wedding blogs out there, weddings right now are more unique and interesting then they have ever been. We are so happy to be part of this wedding 'revolution' and we look forward to helping make what you envision come true.


Creating a mood or just helping an event be more celebratory is something we've always taken great pride in. Through the years it seems like we've worked every kind of event imagineable, thanks to that and the Spinn Doctors Customazation method we have systems in place for just about anything. From corporate events to Mitvaphs, run/walks to car shows, birthdays to anniversarys Spinn Doctors does them all to your exact needs and specifications. Plus, with more than 10,000 under our belt it really takes alot of worry away from our clients.


The way we set our fees is based on the service(s) requested, on the length of time of time you need us, and the location of the event. Our services can be put together in a package ( we have 4 to choose from) or they can be ordered ala carte. For more detailed information please click here

We offer discounts for off season, or non- weekend celebrations.

Also be sure to check if you qualify for our Indispencible Service Discount .

Services for Weddings and Events

Our list of services is growing all the time to meet the needs and wants of our clients, In addition to our fantastic DJ services we offer the following (for more details on each simply click here

Uplighting & Scroll Lighting
Wedding Officiants
Wedding Management

Not seeing what you need? ask us and we can arrange it!

Client Log In

Welcome to the Client Log In Section

Via this area you will have access to everything you need to work with us to given you the event you envision. In addition to full music selection, we have work sheets and timelines you can use to help keep track of and plan your perfect day.  
You can down load and print these out as well as your contract for your records. You can also use this portal to make any payments. The best part about this is as soon as you make a change we at Spinn Doctors are notified so we can reveiw and make a note if we have any questions.

Simply use your date and the password provided to log in to your event.  The password is case sensitive 

Music Requests

How to choose music for your dance

Our Goal at Spinn Doctors is to give you an experience that isn't 'cookie cutter' but instead reflects who you are and the vibe your want to create for your party.

We recommend giving us a list of 20 songs that you like to dance to, and also be sure to fill out the 'do not play' list as well.

If you have a song you are searching for in our library and you can't find it, no worries, just fill it in in our 'special request' section and we will be sure to have it for you on your special day.

Lastly to help us put together the best playlist possible spend a little time together and fill out our wedding questionaire. This will really help us get a picture of wh you are, and who your guests are as well.

Thanks and as always don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.